These trial ARAM 'balance' changes.

Erm, why? The main point of ARAM is it's randomness (else it would just be an AM mode). Are that many people seriously complaining about poke champs and the like like on ARAM that much? For me, you've actually destroyed my favourite mode (and no, I don't have an ARAM account). Bans should not be needed (and neither should rerolls imo). Poke's only strong early game. If you've a team of bruisers and tanks that can weather the first 7mins or so, then you'll take over. These changes ruin the spirit of the mode and I sincerely hope that the data you gain from this test just shows that it's a bad idea. Until then, well I'm done with ARAM, which is a shame as I like the Bilgewater skin for it. You might as well just remove it at this point though with the changes to the core concept of the mode. I appreciate that this is only my view and that others may not agree but I genuinely do not understand why people would play a **random** game mode and then get upset that the chips fall where they may. Why not just play a different mode? I'm _presuming_ that these changes are being made off of player feedback here. After all, why fix something that's not broken otherwise? On a side note, does anyone know how long these changes are being trialled for? As I can't actually wait for ARAM to (hopefully) go back the way it was.
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