Why no Kayle rework

Okay, so let's start off by saying that every time i lose against a kayle, either in lane or in lategame, i wan't to die. I have been wondering why kayle hasn't been reworked yet for over 2 years, in my opinion she has a worse design than the old Galio and Urgot and should have been reworked before those champions. Her kit is one of the most annoying things to deal with when playing certain champions, mostly toplaners, due to her completely insane kiting potential and her ult (not to mention being a ranged champion). Her kit is extremely simple and boring to play, she has very little mains and very few people play her, her kit is annoying to deal with, and her lategame potential is too insane. All of these things are reasons to rework her. She's always had these problems, so why isn't she reworked yet? I understand Riot wants to rework her and Morgana at the same time, but Morgana isn't exactly the greatest designed champion with a huge fanbase either, so why hasn't it been done yet? TLDR: I don't like playing Kayle, I HATE playing against her, her kit is old, annoying, and unhealthy, it's been like this for ages: REWORK KAYLE!!!
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