So Irelia is gonna get nerfed again...

...even though from my personal experience, I gotta say she kinda sucks already. (she was 2/0 at the start, then went like 3/7) (they won that game and Irelia went 4/1) Also from playing against her... her early game is op af, but once people have 1-2 items, she just seems to be so so weak. You just have to run up to her while she doesnt have her passive stacks, dodge her e and thats it. She also seems insanely squishy, even when she has Trinity+Hydra already. I tried playing her myself (that was before the 5 mms nerf), and I often did get kills in the early game from just all-ins at level 2-4, but from that point on it just felt like I didnt have the damage to deal with someone like Renekton anymore, and neither the tankiness to withstand anything from him. The only times I would win a 1v1 later would be if the enemy threw everything at me while Im in W, so I could then turn it around. And in teamfights, Id just get ccd and instantly blown up all the time, unless I wait for my team to get the enemies low and make them use their cc, so I can then jump in and clean up (this is the only thing where Irelia seems to be really good at imo: cleaning up when people are low already - but I dont want to play sth thats only good when your team sets you up perfectly). So what I want to say is: I hate having Irelias in my team, and I dont like playing against her because her early game is complete cancer (Id still prefer her over people like Jax and Yasuo though because she doesnt get op later on) and if I play her myself I feel like Im a huge liability to my team. Furthermore, shes already at 48% winrate. All this sounds like I am against nerfing her again, however there are 2 better solutions to my problem: Solution a) Rework her again / Undo her rework (wont happen of course). b) Nerf her into oblivion so noone plays her ever again. So this nerf is a step in the right direction, next up should be nerfing her early game so people no longer get one or two kills in lane as well as nerfing her Q damage to minions so people actually need to calculate if their Q kills it or not. Opinions? P.S.: I suppose noone wants to hear this kind of rant. Nonetheless I needed to calm down somehow and this kinda helped. Sorry.
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