Syndra's Ultimate, ToolTip

Captured with Lightshot
Hi everyone, I've been reading some posts here and there and have seen someone saying the amount of balls on the ground ( informative for her R ) wasn't showing anymore. If this could be added back again or if this would be updated, for example the amount of balls on the ground would be showing above her head aswell ( I don't think this would make her weaker cause the enemy's can see how many balls she has in range but you can see the balls on the ground if she hasn't this. Idk about this just something random that popped up in my head when I read jhin's bullet system mechanic. Don't hesitate leaving a comment. Anything is welcome. Picture 1 : Picture 2 : 1 being the original and 2 edited. In picture 2 there stand a 1 and a 2, 1 was there original but now it's gone 2 optional for adding but I prefer just 1 to be back ^^ if not idm. Grtz. Askyporea

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