r/leagueoflegends - [DISCUSS] Should some (CC) abilities be gated by sta...

r/leagueoflegends - [DISCUSS] Should some (CC) abilities be gated by static cdr?
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What's the first thing that come into mind when you think about building cdr: * Is it more playmaking potentional * Is it more mobility * Is it more cc * Is it more damage * Is it more durability * Is it to create less openings for the enemy Cdr stands for many things. So much actually it's a rather diverse stat when you think about it. Everyone builds it, everyone needs it but is this really a health gameplay design? It used to be only the support & a few mages that managed to get 40% cdr. Now it's really really uncommon to not have it maxed out. So I was wondering, how about we give some champion abilities static cooldowns? It could be champions that aren't that cdr depended but still build it for the extra damage and it can be on some hard cc abilities that can make or break the champion when it's on a lower cooldown. Some examples of abilities that could use a static cooldown: * Ekko's Parallel Convergence (E): By giving it static cooldown the cooldown can be reduced to something like [ 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 ] or [ 21 / 18.5 / 16 / 13.5 / 10.5 ]. This way Ekko's less gated when not going for cdr early but can still build it for amping his damage if needed. * Nautilus Dredge Line (Q): I find it overal strange that tanks are so depended on building cdr right now when it used to be a rare resource for them. By adding static cooldowns into the mix this fantasy it possible again. Let's build tank stats first and cdr later ok. A static cooldown would be good for both clarity when playing against him as well as well playing as the Nautilus to use his hook wisely. I actually have noticed that the cooldown reduction in combination with maxing it first often create a to early powerspike in the lanefase for him. A static cooldown could solve this without nerfing him into oblivion. * Tahm Kench Q or W: Similar to Nautilus, been so depended on cdr really isn't that healthy for tanks. Tahm is a great example on how problematic a low cdr can be. With static cdr you have more controle and ballance over the champion. This are just a few examples on how static cdr could be implemented. I would like to open a discussion regarding implementing static cdr into champion abilities. Your opinion is appreciated
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