Masteries for Champions

Hey Community ;-) In League i use all 20 Mastery Pages for a unique champion, because evry champ got is own specifications for the Masteries. I have an Idea that u have for each Champion 3 or 2 own Mastery Pages ! You wont have the 'Mastery Pages' button in the Profile but when u click on a Champ and got the Buttons with 'Overview' ,' Abilities' ,'Lore' and 'Tipps' you would have 'Mastery Pages' under Abilities . I have a problem that i play more then 20 Champs and i hate it to clear an old Mastery Page to make a new one and some games later i need the old page . How do you think about it? Maybe some hints for Riot and i hope they read it ^^ Thx for reading my Disscussion^^
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