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Hello everyone, theres been alot of chatter around the subject supports, wether they are in a bad spot or not. As a support main, I want to give my opinion on supports and how they can be improved and the things that are holding players back on playing support. Here are my main reasons why people DON'T want to play support and I will also discuss what can be improved. **1. Having a bad adc can often render you useless early game and can sometimes even make abilities useless.** (Thresh lantern, many people don't use it or wait to long to click it and end up dying, not even lantern shield can save them) This will probably trigger many players but just hear me out, I've had many games where their support was clearly bad and didn't know how to support but their adc was very good and just won botlane because of the better adc. Even if I am a really good support, having a bad adc can often lose us botlane, purely because of farm, trades and positioning. This doesn't mean its 100% lost, just a higher chance. If both the adcs are around the same skill level, then supports start to shine, otherwise it just feels unfair in many situations. **2. Team bossing you around and complaining.** Of course you have this in every role but it is extreme in the support role (and jungle) and here's why: You didn't ward an area (or your wards ran out)=team flames you for being a bad support Miss a hook?= ''wow bad supp gg'' Your adc dies and you are near= ''why didnt u save me wtf'' (even if you did everything you could to save them) Kill a minion= ''let me farm ur supp'' Miss a minion with relic shield= ''wow just buy ancient coin noob'' All these things make it frustrating to play support, in my 2 seasons of playing support I have stopped for a while due to just tilting from all the criticism a support gets. **3. Always being behind in gold and xp.** How are you supposed to do anything if you're 3 levels behind and probably 1-2k behind? **4. Support items.** As a support you have to buy sighstone and a gold income item. This is already 2 items out of 6, now don't forget boots and that's already half of your build. Yes I do realise there are the items that combine sighstone and a gold income item but to be honest they're pretty bad and the actives of the support items are pretty good. **5. This is a explanation of support role vs other roles and why less players play support.** As a midlaner/toplaner/adc (maybe even jungler) , you have to carry and deal damage and you get the exciting moments where you can oneshot an adc, 1v4, get a pentakill, split push or even backdoor. As support, you empower your allies. You help them do all that, you help them carry. There are very few games where the support ACTUALLY carries. Landing a sick hook doesn't mean you carrried, sure, you might have hooked the adc at 54 minutes and secured the win, but you didn't carry. As a support you need good allies to be empowered because if you setup a kill for a bad adc, you'll just die. This is one of the biggest problems, in solo queue you can't rely on your team because 9/10 times they will not follow up. To make things more clear, imagine this. You and 3 classmates have to do a presentation. You do ALL the research and do the introduction. You've done a wonderful introduction to start things off real good for your classmates, and the information you have brought to the table is the best. But what happens next? The classmates stutter, they skip information, they say everything wrong, they screw it up. You relied on your classmates to use your information to get a high mark and you got a bad mark instead. There's nothing you can do about this, you might have done your part well but its a group project (a team game) and they messed it up and you lost because of them. This game is competitive, people want to win. Do you want to carry and secure a win or are you going to let others lose for you? This is the greatest problem with support. {{summoner:3}} Things that can be improved. **1. More gold income, ** you might setup a double kill for your adc and the adc secures it, but your adc will have 800-1k more gold than you. feelsbadman **2. More xp.** The ward xp change was pretty sweet, but not enough. Maybe add xp to the gold items and make it appealing to support champions so that other roles won't abuse it. **3. Some supports need to get a buff**. There are definetly weaker supports. I have only ever seen one support being banned, and that's braum. Braum is in a good spot but he's one of the few supports. Some supports a need some tweaks, maybe not huge buffs but just some extra oomph. If anyone has anything to add to this, feel free to let me know. I have been a support main for 2 seasons so I know quite alot about supports. I have a large champion pool and main Karma, Thresh, Bard and Zyra. _Thanks for reading!_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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