Im Sick Of Lee SIn And Vayne Every Dam game

What ever happened to having "Strategic Diversity"? oh that's right it will ever really happen when you have champions that are never really a bad choice. Vayne really needs an early game nerf to make her actually a bad choice and crap in the early game , cause at the current moment she not exactly weak in the early game. Lee Sin, this guy is just overloaded, when a champion is mean to "fall of late game" then why do they have 80% scaling on everything? or have stupid utility, yes the "insec" looks cool but when a champion has so much in the kit that they can do stuff like that when there meant to have fallen off something is wrong. There is no dam fun in a game were 99% of the time a team either has Lee Sin or Vayne on it or most of the time both of them, its so dull and bloody boring, i would love to see some actual diversity with pick and seeing more of the other laners, and if there champion need to be nerfed so we actually see some bloody diversity, they have been good picks for how long now, let the go to the crap pit and let some other champions have a chance to shine and be played.

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