FIx TEEMO update to old shen , soraka ( without giving mana but self healing )

when are you guys / girls from riot going to fix the problem with teemo top against other champions ? there is no change to win a game against a teemo because he can blind you all the time if you dont own quin you cant counter him even a sivir with spell block cant kill a full ap / ad teemo lets hope there are going to be better champions that can do that because the champion skaling is not working in ranked I wanna stream the game on twitch for fun but im going to stop doing that if the whole game is beeing broken with a syndra bot with sion teemo top , or other counter plays YESSSSSSSSSS i know its ranked and its free to pick the champs that you want for it you can be whatever champ you want to be but a champion that blind the whole game because it have a skill for it not the gameplay i used to have when i started to play the game when it was in open beta i just wanna know what you are going to do about it because nobody give a good answer for it good job riot making all the other champions not skaling anymore in game
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