Riot why u hate Kha.zix tell meh why u guys remove his Ultimate passive / revert it

Riot so far i notice u guys nerfed kha 2 times so far and meanwhile u keep nerfing him/ changing him why? from my eyes it seams just unfair too the point off why doesnt fizz get nerf why doesnt champions WHO SNOWBALL AFTER 1 KILL get nerf meanwhile kha my main ( 1 millon+) gets 3 nerfs in a row ontop im qeastioning ur choices first u guys explain we nerfed his w cuz we wanna see him other lanes *looks at top*( but by removing his ultimate passive he cant really play well vs poke champs there like quine or kaisai or any tanks like sion soo its pointless that nerf) thenbuff/nerf on duskblade but unesseracy give him q buff or more accurate way more then u should have gave him to balance it then ask youself why he got 50 % win rate while 90% of poeple dont get along with there teamates most cases and dont wanna work together so they walk alone and die apprently that happens alot in american cuz i didnt saw that stuff happen while i was playing on kha at euw but what do i know right? now u guys are reverting his ULTIMATE PASSIVE? instead nerfing his q damage? instead of nerfing snowball champions instead of nerfing supports there damage output? cant u guys give me and others a break and just buff other champions instead to balance it or just nerf his q damage and keep his unique ultimate passive its way to much fun to use and way to good for duel potential and ganking but then agaain ur topside are 3 lvls ahead of kha by default and bot got annoying supports so u cant do shit till lvl 6 most time cuz there a playing save hole game or b u botside got awfull match up and i cant blame them for that outright this seams way too much forcing kha out of meta cuz without ultimate passive it seams way more annoying/harder to gank aspecial cuz alot of toplaners can kill kha and you need to wait till u got ultimate back to gank them or try and gank and there 3 lvls ahead mid is only lane who u can gank without u ult but lets be fair even with ultimate passive they play way to safe now a days cuz they know there prime target for most junglers atm and then counter jungle/ comeback exp beaing too the point of worthless cuz u guys changed exp value what isnt entirely bad thing but doesnt help in this instince soo i ask u plain and simple why are u guys doing this in this order assasins already got hard time atleast compared to katarina fizz talon any other snowball champ who can with 1 mistake or 1 kill and snowball on low elo without effort or any skill meanwhile i got enough exp with Kha to play well most match ups and even games i get counter picked by jarvan or reksai or shaco atleast i can say its fair but kha is by far easyiest asssasin to kill atm cuz dont be alone be with decent support and ur fine and dont be reckless fact everyone play this safe now a days is nerf on itself cuz they know some junglers be dead ussless then so i ask u nicely can u plz PLZ keep ultimate passive ( sorry for bad grammar english isnt my native language im selftaught also i got dyslexie sorry agaain) Greetings Jesse
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