Ranked is bullsh-t to the max

Ok say whatever you want to say, idc. Ranked is 70% luck.. I am a silver 1 player and I keep getting placed with gold 5 to gold 2 premades who just make it impossible for you to win. I have no idea how they got to that elo, because when i look at their match history, they feed every game. Why must i be placed with 4 people with 30% winrate when i have a 3 game win streak? I try to carry every game, but it is hard when no one knows how to focus. They chose to focus a alistar over an annie and a jihn for example. I am sorry, I never flame but I got to a point where I have to release my hate for this game. Last game I had a f*cking lucian who went farming 24/7, in 36 minutes he had only 225 farm and 13k dmg.. And then he blames me for losing while i was the only one who had a positive score. Sure, it was one of my less good diana games, i went 16-9, but how can he flame me for losing, if he didn't do a thing? How can I keep getting placed with retards like these? Someone please teach me, teach me how to climb out of this hell... I can't carry these guys, whenever i am 6-0 in lane, the other lanes are 0-8, how can they expect me to carry them? Is it so hard to just play safe? Oh and another one, why this champion select? Whenever I get mid, I am first pick. Then I already know that it is lost, because I am sure to get countered, why would you do such a thing? And when I want to play jung/mid/top, I always have to wait 20 minutes... WTF is that for? An estimated 1.43 is what I get told, but I have to wait 20 minutes. Can't you give an option to get the old champion select as I am just done with it
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