People still hate and ban LeBlanc en mass and i must ask this.

Can her silence removal be justified now that we see it essentially did next to nothing to prevent the kind of safe single target elimination that feels unfair and Riot calls "lacking counterplay". Even though most people seem to play her because she's such a great assassin i wonder if that is her true identity or at least if it was before the silence was removed. For me she was mostly about being extremely difficult to pin down and having strong control via silence and chains. Of course i made the most out of the ridiculous damage whenever i played her even as a support but what truly made her a viable support pick was her utility via cc. There would probably be a lot of backlash against nerfing her damage to the point where she is no longer a viable assassin but for me that would have been more acceptable than losing the silence. Just my 2 cents. Obviously no matter what nerfs or buffs a champion receives there will always be plenty of complaints.

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