Akali needs to be Reworked or nerfed. Now!

{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _I'm SO not happy with this champion as an opponent_ Over my past few days on both my main and alternate account i have been seeing this as a severe problem. Akali is possibly the only champion i have seen as of late that is INCREDIBLY unbalanced to the point of frustration when just seeing the champion has not been outright banned. As an AP assassin her burst is disgusting as an AD her ability to chase, avoid damage and perform death defying tower dives with almost no fear is outlandish As a jungler her ganks are Sickeningly overpowered and cause everyone hell And as a tank her ability to provide persistant disruption with her nigh invulnerability due to juggernaut-like survivability and Fizz-like escape potential is Vile Despite having no CC to speak of and a fairly weak early game i find her ability to play in every role almost seamlessly is a red flag that she needs to be nerfed and nerfed hard. Personally i find her hybrid kit Dated which offers her far too many options as the walking nightmare fuel she is becoming in league, as well as her sickening Aoe damage and mobility. Something needs to be done about this jack of all trades considering we are already losing such characters to nerfs and reworks. Either Introduce other champs that can Hybrid and give her competition with the same mobility and survivability or nuke her strength level Riot. For the love of Nagakaborous this is becoming annoying considering i've lost 5 promo's already because of a build that should not be Viable on an Assassin!
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