I don't understand the point of Taliyah

Like seriously... I really don't and please hear me out before you judge. Taliyah is simply a better version of {{champion:127}} in almost every way. She has better damage numbers and better mobility AND BETTER RANGE. She is simply a power creeped version of a champion that already exists in the game and its something I do not really understand. Why does she even need to be here? As for her design and lore... its boring, everything about her is pretty much boring. The only reason she exists, is so Riot can do the same thing that Disney did about "Star Wars" and start screaming about how "diverse" their cast of characters are. She is basically a token middle eastern and thats about it. She actually seems as shoehorned and badly written as Chakotay was on Star Trek: Voyager. She also does not need the damage she has now, which is why she is picked a lot in the LCS. She is supposed to be a control mage so you would expect her damage to be lower then it is because her mobility and CC are supposed to make up for it... Or at least that was the excuse Riot gave for why they couldn't buff {{champion:127}}'s damage any higher. If it wasn't for {{champion:127}}'s arguably better ultimate, {{champion:163}} would completely push her out of the game. But then map wide block off and mobility is insanely good just by itself.
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