How fair is lp system

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So basically i been the only one from that match who manage to turn back the game to victory and after stats of damage i played most like 2 or 3 team mates toghether,but let's be modest , problem is that i had feeder on mid , support and mid premade was flaming the jungle , jungle was flame back , support was use chat in middle of the lane when enemy had tristana and nautilus ... ,and i was like huh is it my lucky day , i won the game but as result 75% of my team shared toxic behaviour even if i told them to stop , we start with score somewhere like 18 6 .. ,so i can say they played quit as bronzers , had silver II in team guess cause they were premade... ,after i struggled to farm and to don't give up ... and i was working hard to get the victory while in this time cho gath was saying oh jinx you bad, you don't even attack enemy , you don't know to kite... stuffs like this , truth is that i did my best and as i remember i was hit enemy and kite too using A,problem is that these flamers will get banned,so what's the point to be rewarded same as them when they just get banned and not even struggled as much as me to get the victory as they was keep surrender , i am sure just galio who were top didn't surrender
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