TFT Round Opponents Choice Change Idea

OK, I'm not exactly sure how TFT chooses your next opponent, though I expect it's probably completely random with equal weightings. Currently you can be at the very bottom of the scoreboard and go against the leader of the game who has some GIGA-RNG team who wipes you for like 24 damage twice in a row and kills you without any chance for you to fight back or recover. Though this may allow for shorter jump in jump out games, I believe that it is flawed. TFT is more fun during the later stages of the game as you get more items to play around with and getting placed versus the top players back to back to back is really demotivating and can be frustrating in those awful RNG games we all get. So, I think a better system to be in place would be to add weightings AND an opponent blocker, for example if you lost to someone last round, you cannot face them in the next round (obviously this will mean they cannot face you if they lose so effectively you just can't face someone twice in a row.) The opponent weightings would be like this, the player at the bottom of the scoreboard will have say a; 0.5% to face POS #1 1% to face POS #2 4% to face POS #3 7% to face POS #4 12.5% to face POS #5 25% to face POS #6 50% to face POS #7 Can't face yourself : ) If the game rolled your previous opponent, it would roll again. Now these example weightings would assume everyone is still alive and you are at the bottom of the board, so as people get knocked out the weightings would obviously have to adjust and if you were for example in the middle and one person was already dead it should look reminiscent of these weightings. POS #1 - 6% POS #2 - 12% POS #3 - 32% YOU #4 - N/A POS #5 - 32% POS #6 - 12% POS #7 - 6% DEAD #8 - N/A I'm no coder and my brain is pretty small so some Riot coder will have to 200IQ how this would be implemented but I'd love for this type of system to be implemented or at least considered, thanks! One last speedy idea of how it could be implemented is to only consider the rolls of the bottom player, then the 2nd to last, to the top until everyone has an opponent so that the game doesn't roll like POS #1 to have the opponent POS #3 but POS #2 got POS #1 as their opponent, however this system could also work using a DotaAC style where every is versus a phantom team and thus stay on their own board. Just something else to consider. Anyone got any ideas or have something they wanna discuss? TL;DR Better Opponent Weightings Benefits - More competitive due to time to counter comps Less RNG Less frustration and overall more fun experience More time to play with items Less punishing for new players and those trying fun builds or builds that take a while to get going Cons - Potentially much longer games Early game focused comps much weaker and win conditions will be forced into transitioning for late game Probs more comment those below and let's talk about that.
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