Only about 10% of the entire LoL Community Play Ranked?

Nothing better to do on a Sunday night, i decided to search how many players actually play ranked. I used the site OP.GG leaderboards (which exclude Iron players and only count from Broze upwards) EUW- 1850049 KR- 2844063 JP- 81428 NA- 1129290 EUNE- 906608 OCE- 147753 BR- 829905 LAS- 373552 LAN- 387775 RU- 122248 TR- 327188 All put together give **9 Million players** but is excluding Iron players from all regions, so lets be generous and up it to **10 Million** The last time Riot revealed numbers was in 2017 and revealed a total of **100 Million players.** Meaning...only 10% of the entire LoL community plays ranked? NOTE: I think there are more countries playing League of Legends apart from the ones i searched. But it says on OP.GG they are on "Beta", whatever that means. Question: Its my math correct or is this faulty data guys? What do you think?

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