Akali rebalance

Please think about reverting or deleting Akali as a champion in LoL. Her current kit provides 0 counterplay, she has too many dashes, too much dmg and her shroud makes her litteraly unkillable if you don't have really good teamplay (which is very rare for solo/duo queue). If she gets 1-2 early kills she will snowball out of hands and will solo carry even if all the other lanes lose. I thought LoL was supposed to be a team game which is obviously far from now. Even if you have cc there is little you can do, as even decent Akali will just put the shroud beneath her and then you can't do anything. And if you think you can hold her down in lane. TLDR: Akali is an unhealthy champ that takes away all fun from playing LoL, for all players, if she is in capable hands.

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