League could learn from Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom actually listened to their core fans, they reinvented survival horror in a modern era... by given the player less. Resident Evil had become stale, the games were trying to be "action" based in a genre that was originally about survival and puzzle solving. The Resident Evil 2 remake remedied that, by making the game slower, more deliberate and forcing players to use strategy... League desperately needs the same rebirth... its needs the same slowing down, damage reduction... the ease of getting max cooldown reduction. Every character plays like a character on Street Fighter and not one for a moba. League could learn a lot from Capcom by actually listening to their fans who are crying out for this game to return to past glory but in a new modern era. Please... just save your game Riot... ((I am aware they are two COMPLETELY DIFFERERENT GAMES. But the point is still the same, League needs to reinvent itself, the same as this game recreated the genre of Survival Horror))

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