why cant i get teammates that know how to play???

ive had the same problem since patch 8.4 went life where ever ranked game i get teammates that should not be playing the game at all and especially not ranked i don't know why but i get bad teammates every single game is that riots fault or is it just pure dumb luck i went from bronze 1 86lp to bronze 3 20 something lp with almost no wins in the time i demoted twice like i know bronze is just bad but since I always have a positive kda i deal most damage of both teams have the most gold earned and best objective control i don't think i belong in this elo at all that's why it amazes me i get teammates so bad i cant carry them can anyone help me understand what the deal is with me getting bad teammates every single game like if you add me on discord ill show you my 2 most recent ranked games to give an example of what i mean discord:akise#2463
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