Rapid Firecannon's and Statikk Shiv's energized attack passives need to be mutually exclusive

I think you all know the reason. In case you don't, it starts with a V and ends with ayne. This nonsense gives her the burst of an assassin, the sustained dps of a hypercarry and makes her even more difficult to itemize against than she already was all at the same time ("got a ton of armor and AS slows? Too bad! Now I one-shot you with magic damage!" - {{champion:67}} ). Besides that, the actives of Ravenous and Titanic Hydra are mutually exclusive as well in order to prevent exactly what Shiv+Firecannon are causing now: excessive burst from item actives. Why not RFC's and Shiv's? And before someone starts yelling l2p: yes I'm frustrated and yes I probably need to l2p as well. I just don't see how I can beat her as a jungler besides with a cheese glass cannon Rengar build that literally deletes a squishy before they can react. As soon as I reach her she just E's me away and then shiv + firecannons me to death if I'm squishy and if I'm tanky she'll just take half my health bar with her first TumbleFireShiv boosted AA anyway and then finish the job with the %-max HP true damage. /End of frustrated rant. edit: Well, seems like the Rito gods have answered my prayers and making it so that only the highest instance of damage between the two can proc on a single target at the same time.
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