AP Xin Zhao - Devour their HP

Do you want to have infinite sustain in jungle? So much sustain that you can go into the jungle then stay in for the rest of the games, then go play Warwick or a genuinely viable jungler like Elise. If you feel like some dumb ridiculous fun with insane turning power and god-like strength when fed go play AP Xin. {{item:3930}} - Q and W proc every 2 auto attacks, 180 magic damage every 2 auto attacks. This is your main source of damage and general usefulness. {{item:3708}} - If you are weird and want burst over sustained damage then buy this. Please note that when fed you can still do butt tonnes of damage super fast with devourer. {{item:3006}} - Auto attack faster, not a massive fan myself but could be a choice. {{item:3020}} - You need magic penetration more than CDR or Attack Speed IMO. {{item:3115}} - Second item every time, devourer first obviously {{item:3100}} - If you have no Runeglaive then this is a nice option {{item:3285}} - With Runeglaive this would be a better choice after Nashor's. Gives you more burst and is a nice source of AP for a quite low cost. {{item:3089}} - To recreate the sorting hat bit in Harry Potter Now we are getting into more situational items... {{item:3091}} - More magic damage per hit and some nice magic penetration once you attack 5 times but it lacks an ability to scale well into the late game. Offers nice attack speed but it really isn't required considering you will attack at lightspeed with your Q and W. It will generally take fewer than 5 hits to kill someone anyways. If you get fed early this may be a good choice earlier on. {{item:3157}} - Makes you a little tankier for the jungle and for charging into battle head first because you can always charge in, ult, get low then Zhonyas to let your team charge in. {{item:3001}} - For magic penetration earlier on in the game this is a way better choice than Wit's End in my opinion. {{item:3135}} - Better than Abyssal in the late game to stop MR. Do not worry about the MR because you CC and burst most squishy AP champs fast enough that they are no threat anyways. {{item:3065}} - Better than Abyssal if the enemy mid gets fed. Also boosts the heal on your W so you can solo objectives easier. I feel this is your best defensive option, I would put this higher on the situational list but I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy. {{item:3151}} - This item on Xin makes me go meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh because that describes the item in general pretty well... The enemy will nearly always be movement impaired against you, makes you a little tankier and helps you with enemy magic resist. Sounds good but sadly the numbers are so low that this item won't be massive help most of the time. {{item:3146}} - Untested, could either be OP as hell or just meh at best. Means you don't need to rely on Nashor's to do auto attack damage as much. Full AP still sounds better. {{item:3124}} - If you are a wimp and full AP scares you, I guess hybrid could work maybe... ish Max order - Lots of sustain for farming for a long time W E Q Max order - More bursty and better for Runeglaive and ganking E W Q Or you can start E and Q to get early ganks using your CC and AD which will probably be more useful than W start. If you start red and smite it then you will have a strong level 2 gank. Falling behind with a ~~troll~~ slightly odd build like this is more devastating than falling behind with most builds. The advantage with this over most less common builds is that you can farm safer then pick off split pushing enemies. TL;DR: Sated devourer has made way too many strong junglers, made on-hit effects OP. Xin+AP=Sustain like warwick and damage like you were AD. Secret maximum penetration build. {{item:3930}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} or even, switch boots for {{item:3091}} because the enemy will spend half the time slowed anyways so it's not like move speed matters.
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