Teamfight Tatics Bug + other stuff

Just got out of a 35min tft game where i was in first place for about 20min of that time. Was lvl6 and about to get a tier3 garen and shen which would give me 3 more slots for new champions. However, that whole time i couldnt get either a shen or a garen which meant i couldnt get more champs which meant i coulnt do anything about my comp. I literally got from 75hp to 29hp without changing my comp cause of that. The champions i could buy were majorly tier 1 and they werent in my comp. On a different matter, i got 4 full items the entire game: THREE (3) sword breakers and a rabadons. But thats not whats tilting me. When i was with 3hp i fought a guy and all that was left was his jinx , my sword breaker lucian and an ashe. The 3 of them were really low and lucian managed to disarm jinxs basic attacks and i could see the symbol telling she was disarmed. It was an easy win if she was disarmed BUT DISPITE THAT SHE CONTINUED ATTACKING MY LUCIAN AND ASHE AND MADE ME LOSE THE GAME Pls fix your game riot
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