I'm really enjoying URF this year...

_ And the lack of people complaining how terrible it is makes me think you feel the same :P_ I'm not sure why though, this Urf event isn't really different than others, and ARURF was there before too. I usually dumped it after a handful of games, and went back to normals, because it got really frustrating to play... --- Sure, URF is not balanced, and it never will be, but **that's the whole point!** Played more than 20 games in the past two days, that's A LOT for my standards ^^ Even though I needed 9 tries to win a single match at first, it's still fun. ---- {{champion:266}} These three champs were the most fun so far, {{champion:134}} the damage they deal is simply insane! {{champion:89}} Except Leona of course, the perma-stuns are just a pain in the butt for enemies :3
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