Climbing in ranked

A large part of climbing is luck. I'm silver right now, and honestly your skills, decision making, game knowledge, etc. don't matter as much as having a good team does. I can't see a way to climb unless you get a better team. Before you say i'm just a scrub complaining cos i suck, look at my match history. I have retarded teammates who push lane all game and then complain about not getting ganks from me and then die to the enemy jungler. I gank every lane which is pushing and apart from that i can't do much. I've noticed my decision making and skill is always the same, i dont make stupid decisions (I do but not big enough to impact the outcome of the game) but whenever i win its because i just have a better adc, mid laner, etc. who have better knowledge about the game than the enemy. TL; DR - In lower elo climbing isnt based off of how good you are, just about how good your team is compared to the enemy team
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