Matchmaking hugely unbalanced in normals?

Recently I've been mostly playing normal draft games and most every game is a stomp for either of the teams because one team has players from way higher elos than the other. I am bronze 1 at the moment and my last games my lane opponent was never lower than Silver 2... There were games where i was the only bronze and the enemy team had a PLATINUM 5. On the other end of the spectrum there were games where 2 of my teammates werent even level 30 yet (lvl 17 and 24 respectively) even though the enemy had a gold 5 and silver 1s and 2s. How am i supposed to have fun like this? I checked player MMRs and mine is not at all in Silver 2 level and neither is the enemy's MMR low enought to match mine. Is this a universal problem or does it affect only a few people? Is this intentional and I'm just not seeing the reason behind it? I've been loosing so many games because the enemy played way better than me that I dont even enjoy the game anymore. The only silver lining is that i get to ask the higher elo players for some advice and I have to really give my best every game not to int my face off. Has anyone else encountered this fenomenon? Bittersteel23 on EUW you can check my to see the opponents I've been getting.

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