Can we finally buff Yasuo?

Yasuo is really underperforming currently. And since he is FINALLY getting a new Skin soon, I thought it would be good to fix some of his issues finally. I will go through all of his abilites for the sake of strutcture. Although his double crit passive is really good, I always wondered why his crits are weaker than the ones from other champions. I feel like it is a bit unfair, why is he not getting the same treatment as every other champ? His shield passive is practically useless. Why does he need to generate the flow stuff to get the shield? That means you always just have the shield when you are not even fighting. And also, why is it not a normal cooldown shield like Rakan or Malphite? That would be much better and balanced. His Q is good, although I feel like it is really small, it should be a bit better, so you actually have some good waveclear. Also, the hitbox on his tornado is really small and basically impossible to hit, easy to dodge for the slowest tanks. Make it fly faster and make the hitbox bigger, so you will actually able to cast your ult. WIth his W, I never understood why it can't block the shots from towers. This is really unfair, since a tower shot is basically a projectile and should be blocked like every other projectile too. ALso let it block Lux's ult. I know it is not technically a projectile, but he can block a lot of other ults too, even Sennas new ult. So please let it also block Lux's ult. What I also noticed is that it can't block Nunu & Willumps's snowball when they are rolling it? Just why? His E... oh boy why is there a countdown on each unit for it? It makes Yasuo so immobile that he can only dash through someone once. Remove that cooldown on each unit, that is much more fair. Irelia can do that too as often as she wants. Also make him not able to get cced when dashing, just like Irlia. His Ult basically is okay, just make the window longer for the knockups, since on many things like thresh's hook is a bit hard to time. Also make it deal a bit more damage, it is basically useless when you are just a bit behind. Thank you. Edit: WOW! I did not expect so much hate. I know he is not a liked champion, but at least give him a chance yo
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