Could someone analyse this 30s of replay?

League of Legends 2017 02 12 22 18 07 01
Uploaded by TheWhiteDragoon on 2017-02-12.
Could anyone explain me why Ilaoi who had zero armor/magic resist items was just unkillable and could make me 100 to 0 in like 3 sec? I was playing Nautilius here and I have no idea why this guy was so damn strong. The lane phase was fine until like 8th level where I couldn't trade with him anymore. I thought I was playing a tank, but Ilaoi proved me that I was so wrong. What did we wrong (me and Ivern)? Awful build (I had Sorcerer's Shoes because I missclicked and hadn't noticed before the combat started), totally missplayed, Ilaoi is broken, Nautilius is useless? No idea. Here's the image showing everyone's stats: I remember when I was playing Darius against a Gragas, I was rushing for Black Cleaver and he was just building armor. With literally 0 AP he could easy kill me under my turret. After that I was pretty sure that armor/mr is superior to ad/ap. Now I'm quite confused. I hardly ever play top and don't know its rules, but it's always like this. If I get armor/mr, guy with ad/ap nukes me. If I go for ad/ap, enemy with armor/mr is unkillable and has got no problem with killing me. Any suggestions?
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