Annie problem

**These are all my opinions on the topic and what I think should be done about this. You are free to say whats on your mind.** So Annie needs some kind of a nerf.{{champion:1}} Before jumping into any conclusions read what i have to say first. Just wanted to point out this is one of the **many many many** champions balance issues but i wanted to talk about this one because i just encountered it and it was very funny(and a bit sad). **To tell the story first:** Typical laning phase, me (Azir) vs Annie, farming, poke and stuff. She went back and bought a rod at around [6:20]( ( I also went back ). This is where it gets funny: She was cocky enough to ask me in all chat "Azir, How you want to die? Q,W or R" I just ignored it cause usually i do not respond to things like that. The SECOND she came to lane and got vision of me me BOOM ... FLASH >R>Q>W>IGNITE. Followed by a message " Huh, i guess its ignite." That is right i got **ONE SHOT ** w/o any chance of counterplay ( Around 2 seconds in death recap, keep in mind that i was stunned the whole time ) from full hp to 0 at **7mins ingame** by a **0/0/0** Annie who was behind me in farm. What im trying to get to is not the story itself its that these kind of things **_shouldn't exist_. ** And you can't say something like that its one of her strengths to one shot like that but she is weak somewhere else because that is **Not **the case. **1. **She is strong **everywhere**(early/mid/late game)(Bot/mid/even Top)(and in all elos)(goes well with any team comp). **2.** Can solo carry games if played smart. **3.** Most of the time one shots a carry with 2 spells ( 3 if behind ). **4.** Synergies with thunderlord cause she has exactly 3 spell combo ( for extra dmg ). **5.** Can delete a whole enemy team with R>W if shes ahead. **6.** Has **no skillshots**. **7.** Has one of the easiest farms in game that doesn't cost her mana. **8.** Has almost a 2sec single target or aoe stun, which has a really low cooldown late game. **9.** Most of her builds make her extremely tanky for a mid laner while maintaining the dmg. **10.** No travel time on W and R which makes her Flash engages almost unable to dodge or survive unless u get lucky with some mad predictions. **11.** And even tho her E seems weak and not important, even that is really strong. It adds a 40% damage reduction on max level which is A LOT. Deals dmg to anyone basic attacking her. And applies like a Rylai's slow. Also helps her get her stun much faster and allows Q/E combos on 3 stacks of passive. **12.** And if u somehow don't kill someone with ur combo don't worry tibbers is always there to walk around and basic attack while doing aoe dps. And if u somehow die tibbers is still there to chase down the enemy team and probably even kill someone. **13.** Also when u see that hurricane around her its a mind game for your entire team as u cant do anything when u see a 2sec aoe stun awaiting for you. **14. **And as we saw above she is also able to one shot extremely early game w/o any kills and average farm. Which makes her win most of the lanes very easy. **15. **One of the most frustrating things about her is that shes extremely easy to play and can be played by anyone. Being one of the most generic and straight up champions ingame. Yes she does lack mobility, some range ( on spells because range on her autos is also crazy ) and relies on flash a lot. But none of those are even close to making her balanced or stop her at any way. Overall shes a really well rounded champ with an easy kit and low counterplay. I don't want anyone to get offended by this, if you like Annie that's ok, but in my opinion shes one of the many overpowered champions and needs to be nerfed somehow. Even i pick her up sometimes but to be honest if feel like boosting myself when i do and that's not ok. **How i think Annie should be nerfed:** As simple as it sounds i think the Damage on her Q,W and R should be lowered to focus on her utility with an aoe stun and maybe more support play and to stop her snowball and one shots on both supp and mid lanes. The problem is that she is such a basic champion and doesn't have much windows to be nerfed properly w/o a rework. Sorry for the long post, but if you took your time to read it please tell me your opinions on it because I really want to hear what other players think about this.
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