Make promo games where you had an afk repeatable!

I don't understand how this hasn't been implemented yet. With the sheer number of afks, having 2 afks in a row during your promos is so easy to happen. It just happened to me again, hence the frustration. Not only did the game put me at 99 LP and I had to do another game to reach promos, but my first 2 promo games were 4v5 and we just auto-lost. Why is this allowed to happen in promotion series where you stand to lose A LOT more LP due to bad luck. Now I am back at like 66 LP. So instead of being set back 2 games by afks I am being set back 5 or 6 games... And this has happened so many times with so many promos and in previous seasons as well, and it is STILL NOT FIXED. How? Is it complicated? Simply flag all promo games where the afk is not in DuoQ as normal ranked games, which will lower your MMR and therefore your overall LP gain but will not appear in your promotion series? That, at least, could work? So you can at least have a chance to enter the next division instead of randomly needing 2 or 20 promotion series in a row? Because this kind of thing happens a lot. I understand if you are a good enough player and play enough you will eventually come out positive, but when it comes to your promotion games it sets you back so much time. For instance, if the game puts me on 99 LP again I will have to play 4 games before my next promos instead of 3, and then if I get 2 games with afks I have to repeat that all over again for ONE DIVISION. Whereas if the afk losses weren't flagged in promos and only 5v5 losses were, it would be more up to my skill to enter the next division and not as much luck. There are still intentional feeders and negative people, but at least afks can be flagged by the system, right? And whether people duoQ can be flagged as well so it can't really be abused by duoQ players. This Ranked climb system should ideally have obstacles that are skill-based and not unnecessarily luck-based in an eSport game. It should be your fault when you fail your promos and fall 5 wins behind, not random afks. Please do something about this as it occurs massively and very frequently, and it is killing the fun of the game, and this is coming from a Dark Souls veteran who ENJOYS to overcome difficulties in games by skill
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