New Zed nerfs on PBE

So, i've been away from the boards for quite sometime since my pc went RIP... So... What's with those Zed nerfs??? It's ok, nerf his ult at lvl6 and 11 but why at lvl16?? His late game is already bad with all this counterplay and since the change of the last whisper so, why nerf his late game??? Oh, yes, you made a new item with a mini deathmark, that's why. Ballancing Champions around items is BAD, rito. It's supposed to be the other way around!!! Ballancing champions around items restricts the versatility of a champion and the variety of choices players have in the game with any given item. If an item is too strong on some champions, rework the item, don't nerf the champions. So, what if i preffer to build Mercurial scimitar instead of the new item because of the playmaking potential it offers? Same goes for Blade of the ruined king! Why do i have to deal with nerfs based on a new item when i am not even building the item in the first place? Isn't the game supposed to offer a variety of options to support a variety of playstyles?? You always say that you want to promote versatility and variety and yet, with your actions, you restrict that variety. Riot, please, change the items and revert the nerfs and stop ballancing champions around items.
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