Do you have FUN when you play League of Legends ?

I feel like I'm lying on my self when I say that I'm enjoying this game, it's getting really boring everyday nothing really fun anymore in it. It the same map with the same object with same things happens over and over and over ..... again. I started playing in 2015 game was fun for me the first 6 months but than things just started to go a little slow and eventually I became a zombie for this game I jump into a match without even noticing than I ask myself "why the hell did I jumped into this game oh well now I can't quit or els the afk ban is waiting" I feel like sometimes I'm forced to play it just for no reason it's like eating food but it got no taste, that how it feels playing LoL. The mods like Nexus Blitz and URF can be fun for couple weeks but once they take them away you go back to the normal slow paste gameplay with same map same stuff you don't even need to use your brain when after playing it for years and years since you already know where you should go what to do what's gonna happen etc.. players became like AI they go to their lanes stand wait minions farm push destroy tower do the same thing for the next 30min or 45 min than lose or win you repeat. Be honest with yourself when you play this game do you actually enjoy it or do you just simply dead from the inside zombie brain dead just keep playing even tho you know you got sick from this very repetitive game.
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