So after having played against her quite a few times I think it's time for me to complain once again. In my opinion she is beyond broken. She's like Yasuo in the sense that her kit is stupidly overloaded. Dash that goes through walls on low cooldown, insane true damage, she can evade anything with her ult which makes her invulnerable for a short time as she casts it (she cancelled my Zed ult, not sure if it's a bug) and you can't jump out of that shit in any way, how on earth do you expect ADCs to survive something like that? There is NOTHING they can do if they are locked in there alone, even if the team is right beside the cage they still can't get in to help. She has everything riot, mobility, damage, tankiness, invulnerability. Please stop making broken releases to get money, it isn't healthy for the game so many of us love.
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