...But then Mordekaiser ruined a game

Something's gone. I play matches after matches, but something's definitely gone. I think I found now what's missing. The fun. The real challenge. Wasn't it all about the fun? The challenge? To enjoy the game? Now its truly gone. Impossible to enjoy a game, where the new Morde destroys everything. Or not even let you move on bot. It doesn't matter anymore if you are ranged, main bot player, or have the best support/adc. You'll be fcked up. No matter what you'll do. Even if your jungler camping. Every match is the same. Enemy brings a Mordekaiser and you already can flutter the give up flag. Even if all of you focus him, he will be feeded, then bring his dragon puppet and stamp you into the ground. Without mercy. Without spirit. Where's the fun in it? How do we supossed to enjoy this? Now the challenge is to make a less pathetic stat at the end, while you already know, you defeated. I'd never played with him before, but do not others think, its too easy to win with him now? The enemy has no challenge. We have no fun. At least probably nobody can really enjoy this game anymore, only those, who walk through others just for the win. Now they have their easy win. It was a game, that sometimes was hard, and if you lost, you still said gg to the enemy, if they crushed you, you still could enjoy that, because you still saw hope, still saw the chance to win, or loose with you head up. It was all about the skills and teamwork. Now its all about Mordekaiser. You could enjoy this. But then Mordekaiser ruined a game. A game, that calls League of Legends.
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