A collection and review on frustrating champs on my LoL career

This post will be about the champions that I hate or frustrate me,let's get right into it! {{champion:122}}: Too much health and too much damage (true type of damage :^) ) This guy is such a lane bully that I can't kill one creep without thinking I might die for it. I once tried him and my god he is so ez to play I scored a Quadra at my second game. He has 90% slow, a passive that gives you 200 AD,heal,pull,bleed and a goddamn execute ability! And what's worse that if your laner is dumb enough to feed him like 4 deaths he can just oneshot anybody he hits with his W. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 6/10. {{champion:245}}: This kid is annoying as hell. 3 hit speed up,dash/gap closer,fatass stun shield that scales with your AP,and his stupid ult. Imagine you're just walking by the river and out of nowhere ekko just unloads to you in 2 seconds and ults to safely go back to his place. Find me one person this game that would not get angry at this. With every month a new super op META build coming to this smirking little shit I hope that rito kills this guy at preseason. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 8/10 {{champion:114}}: This woman and her kit is just dumb. True damage passive,gap closer,BLOCK EVERYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE GAME,100% crits and dat ult. She has too much mobility and true damage that even if I build tank or AP I can still kill people because of how much damage her kit brings to me. But unlike some of these champions you can actually control or even counter her. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 4/10 {{champion:105}}: How to waste a point and click ult 101. This champion makes me rip my hair out. Built in zhonya,dashes, max hp damage. I can explain this champion with 1 sentence. He one shots while being unable to get hit. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 10/10 {{champion:121}}:If you main this champ,please drink bleach and die. This is the first champion that made me actually cry for seeing how much damage he does. Just one Q and your ADC is dead. Once he gets 2 kills IT STARTS. THE MASS MURDERING JUNGLER THAT CANNOT BE SEEN. BUT ONCE HE SEES YOU,THE SCREEN GOES BLACK AND WHITE BEFORE YOU CAN USE YOUR ABILITIES. He just jumps in kills the desired enemy doesn't matter if it's a tank or not with a second and jumps out thanks to his jump reset on kills. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 11/10 {{champion:7}}: Dear leblanc players,please,tell me...how do you manage to feed with a champ that has 3 escapes? Just how? And I'm not even talking about how much damage she can do by pressing two buttons. QW=dead adc. Impossible to catch with stupid damage. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 7/10 {{champion:107}}: Exact same thing for Kha'Zix except the reset jump part. By means of brokeness I rate this champion 12/10 {{champion:92}}: Everybody who plays this champion,ones who feature her on your videos,ones who watch streams of people who mastered her. Just kill yourselves ok? Just take a knife or bleach and do your thing with it. Anybody who plays this champion deserves to live. Nobody. {{champion:23}}: Code name Right Click. Gets critical chance for right clicking,gets useable health for right clicking,gets AD for getting hit. Thought you were getting away? Nope,I'll just Nasus slow you and reach you with my dumb gapcloser. And you thought I was gonna die? LMFAO NOT WITH THAT 5 SECOND KAYLE ULT MY RAGE BONER GAVE TO ME. By means of brokeness I rate this champ 8/10 {{champion:157}}: Code name HASA-You have been slain! . Riot,just because he's a samurai,doesn't mean he can have 10 passives. Double crit,armor pen,free janna shield,10x Lebroken W, oh and he also blocks every projectile in game except lasers because logic. You LCS or Yasuo mains can cry as much as you want. This champion is the most broken thing in this game. You can't run away from him thanks to his E,turn away to stun him only to get blocked,QQR and dead. By means of brokeness I rate this chamion 100/10. Only way to fix this champion is to do the following. -Disable Infinity Edge passive for him -Ult no longer gives armor pen -Yasuo can only ult 2 people at a time -Shield is halved but it recharges faster - Yasuo can only dash through 4 enemies,Yasuo is slowed by 20% for dashing through champions -Yasuo's W can't block any projectile ults (Sona,Caitlyn,etc.) -Tornado no longer crits and Yasuo has less time to cast Tornado
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