Riot, pls stop reworking champions who don't need a rework

I can already tell by just looking at the Evelynn rework that it's gonna suck. There is a big difference between rework and "let's make a completely different champion with the same name". Eve didn't need a rework, people who play eve play her because they like the way she plays. You don't listen to the community when we suggest things, you basically don't give a F about your player base when it comes to champion reworks (well it depends on what team does the rework, and the Eve team doesn't have a great rework history). You always say you want feedback from the community but when people give feedback you basically just ignore it. Now you'll be done with the rework, 80% of the players will not like it and we'll be stuck with a champion that we loved to play but is now utterly garbage. Is this the way you hope to keep people playing your game? By taking away everything they like about it? Did she need a rework? Yes, she is and has always been considered OP. Did we ask for an entire different champion that has nothing in common with the old champion? No!
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