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Hello, ** its not a hate post** @Riot: where u see Mages at the Moment? Are Mages still preferred for the midlane in this Meta or the last? You maybe see Mages more in a support role and a few mages like Cassio, Ryze, Karthus "mage" Ahri for midlane? It feels like it's just about being quick or enduring. What is with Champs like {{champion:112}} ? We have to build him very tanky (Mana Shields) to play against all the Bruisers or Assassins (They have a lot of damage in a very short time). When Mages have to build {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3047}} against hard Damage-Teams, where is the Damage for this Mage and what you think about the Time to deal Damage? Often, assassins die faster than Mages. If Mages cant build full Damage with the first Items, mostly the Damage is too low against others. Thats what i can see. what is your advice? If I do not go straight to {{item:3157}} , I'm dead right away, despite good positions. If I go straight {{item:3157}} or {{item:3102}} , then I do not have enough damage after that and I have fewer opportunities to influence the game. How should I handle the fact that I hardly harm other classes, but they kill me immediately? Is not this "high risk - high win" thesis unfair as soon as a player masters a champion well? Is High Damage (or are we openly speaking: oneshots) always the justification that a champion may have other minor weaknesses? It is often argued that assassins need more skill in team fighting. I also agree, but it rarely comes to these traditional fights. So you play as a Mage for example against a Lane Bully like Zed. So you are forced to build First Item xy, otherwise you will die. You have a bad potential to trade well with a mediocre Zed. One is missing the damage, because {{item:3157}} simply performs worse than {{item:3285}} (in damage). The only task is not to feed the {{champion:238}} . He is mobile and has a good roaming potential. While you should not push, of course, you set corresponding Wards (in the right moments) to prevent as far as possible Roams, otherwise he feeds elsewhere. So much for the theory. In reality, in the game but often the opportunities to make easy and fast pickups and easy to get out quickly by the high mobility. Whether it's the jungler, the struggle for objectives or simply mistakes in the game that now occur in every game. You can not follow a roam, that would often be suicide. You can push, of course, but then unfortunately as an immobiler Mage often the opposing jungler to the place. Let's take a {{champion:56}} ;). Of course I push only if the map awarness allows it. All in all, I often feel helpless until a team fight. If it comes to team fighting and the teams are even, then the Mage (the most normal anyway) misses damage. Let's say we've got to build {{item:3285}} in the beginning, then you depend on the quality of your supporter and ADCS. If the enemy engages you and you do not directly get the peel of death, you're dead. Do not claim at this point that it would not be easy to go into the backline with a {{champion:56}} ult and a {{champion:238}} . If the Midlaner is dead, it usually lacks damage (if the match is even and Top / Jungle has no feed). These were a few scenarios now. I think and hope it is clear, what exactly I want to express and what question imposes on me. **How do I react to that?** Do I always have to play single too strong mages, even though I do not like them at all? For example, I am absolutely no {{champion:69}} fan. What about {{champion:30}} ? Strong at the moment, do I have to change my favorite midlans because they are just too weak for the meta? I'm happy about the buffs for {{champion:99}} . For tanks, Lux is still bad (or better - useless). Even an item like Liandry's does not help. On the contrary, it even reduces the damage. I've been playing the game since Season 2 and honestly, I've found the seasons since Season 6 bad and unbalanced. For me it's more and more in the direction - mobile and high damage - strong wall. If you are not mobile, you have to be tanky. Please do not come with Movementspeed, that's the same thing in green. In itself, I'm not a forums friend. It would be a pity if the post is gedownvoted directly, without I get a reaction from Riot. Thank you very much.
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