Dragons are the new Baron before minute 20

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Support main here, the dragon update gave the dragons too much impact. So far the team that secures the first drake gets enough buff out of it to snowball the game already. If you would like to look at the winrates: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/drakes The team with 2 dragons already have a 60% winrate, 3 drakes are in many combinations a 100% free win. You don't have to look out until minute 20 for baron, oh boy, games often don't even reach that state. If you don't have a pink ward on the pit as soon as the drake spawns - hell, you've lost. My point is, Riot is trying to make the game quicker by making everything buff and op, but they used to also include possibilities to come back. Possibilities to actually win fights or anything if you have no drake control anymore. That's gone. Deciding the whole game with the first dragon spawn is too early. Nerf the impact of the drakes. Alternatively, delay spawn timing. It's not like "the team that's winning anyway gets all the drakes", they spawn so early in game no side really has a lead. It would be easy to come back, if it wasn't for the enemy having 3 drakes already and be op as %%%%. Even when you're even in gold. Being the %%%% without drake control is a 100% lose, it used not to be like this. And it's bad for the game being decided too early, when no side should have an immense lead yet. It also feels like the drakes are the only thing deciding a game.
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