Season 6: Uncarriable

***Skip to the second paragraph if this is TL;DR*** I recently have come to the conclusion of a very common.. problem; let's put it that way. As the majority of us have spent our hours and days slaving away at some good ol' solo-Q Ranked games this season, I'm sure we can all say after this mid-season point that this year has not exactly been an easy one. It's the same old trolls and afks, negative and toxic players, insert more typical excuses for lost games, or simply bad luck or bad team comps that tend to lose us games. There have been a lot of complaining about the changes of this season, either the buff or nerf (new or removed) of items to the new dynamic Q or the general off-balance patterns we get with each patch (better nerf {{champion:39}} ). It's no mystery that things this season are INDEED to at least MOST of us somehow gotten tougher, harder, more challenging, which can be great because if applied in good situations/games, a lot of fun can come out of it. But why is Solo Q so hard this season? From speaking to friends and reading the boards, this fact is nothing new, and I see this problem especially hard-driven on the lower elo players of our community, specifically players who are Bronze to low Plat. ***The point to this post*** I myself am a gold player, almost 900 Ranked games played this season, and as of now I'm ping-ponging between gold 4 and gold 2, and man the struggle is real. Some will reply to that as 'you are just bad', or something along those lines.. but in all honestly I'm just an average player, I'm never toxic, never have had a ban, I always try my best. Sure sometimes games can be lost because mistakes that I solely make, but generally climbing this season is Elo hell like it's never been before. I believe the issue is once a player is suck in a current Elo for so long, let's take me for example (give or take 300 games in gold so far), I cannot make it past that gold 2 point. Why? I believe it's because I'm not improving in my gameplay, as well as everyone else stuck in elohell. How is it that you're expected to improve playing and to climb when you're stuck in an endless cycle of clowns and teams who make the same mistakes over and over? The problem is that we will not improve like this, we could go 30/0/10 and still lose games, because we are skill-capped in this Elo and we will have to suffer with it. This season is impossible (odds are very veryx100 low) to solo-carry when you're in the Elo that you're designated too (the elo you skillfully belong in). I've even seen high plat and diamond players struggle to carry silver and gold games solo, because this teamplay element is missing from most of solo-q games. This season depends on teamwork, taking objectives, responding to calls, cooperation, etc. But I can confidently say that this season has been 80% games full of garbage, either it be trolls or people who just don't want to listen, toxic people, etc. So, what can I do about this? I believe that I need to start playing games with Higher Elo players, somehow to learn things, or to experience new things, etc. I don't mean to get carried through rankeds, I mean more Normal games, either blindpick or draft. Find people to play with, people who will seriously be willing to help you out, or take you under their wing. I believe anyone lower elo can somehow find someone to help guide them, either through a chatroom on the league client (if you know any tags/chatroom names please list them below, or maybe start a new one entirely for this purpose). Maybe this is already a thing that I'm not aware of, but this posts point is so people who can relate to my problem, can start to actively find a solution to solve this. If this continues we won't get anywhere. We need to get better and more knowledgeable to climb and to 'heal' our elos, otherwise is everyone is lazy and chooses to be toxic or just not care, take a break from rankeds and give more room to the people who actually want to grow and develop in this game. If you have any more ideas or solutions to provide please do so, I'm sure me and many others are willingly open for any suggestions provided.

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