What the F is going on with autofill?

My primary is Jungle and secondary Top. I don't mind ending up as Support sometimes. But what is happening right now is bullsh*t! I've sat in queue for 32 minutes for a NORMAL DRAFT game, because of all the dodges, etc. But now for reason I decided to create this discussion: I queue as JUNGLE or TOP, but get autofilled in just about every champion selection. No, I don't get autofilled to support, I get autofilled to bot, mid. I'm sick as f*ck of this. The system managed to get me games where I could go jungle 90% of times a week ago, now I get nothing but autofilled to completely different roles than what I chose. Are you telling me there are no players that want to go as marksman or mid laner anymore? Stop bs'ing me Riot. Here I am now, going Shaco "bot" because of this stupid autofill.
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