Now I main adc and support so every game I'm pretty much bot lane and lately since the pre-season I have seen a change in the way people are supporting and even though it should not work, it does and it basically means people that build support properly are now at a disadvantage for doing their job. Let me just make a hypothetical situation so I can make sense of this. You are the support and you picked Soraka lets say and you picked up a pink ward, health pot and ancient coin with your adc; lets say Tristana who has a dorans blade and a health pot. And then the enemy picked Ashe with a dorans blade and health pot too and they have a Karma support with a dark seal. The first thing I want to say is that supports are usually supposed to: - Harass lane opponents - Heal, Shield and defend the adc - NOT FARM (unless they have relic shield) - Make money using their support item (Relic Shield, Ancient Coin, Spell-thief) - And most importantly, ward the area Now the problem is here is that there is no punishment any more for people not building support as the support! Going back to the match up I made up Soraka will be making money off her ancient coin and a little bit from the bandit mastery whereas Karma is not able to generate any money as she has no support item and most likely gone AP runes and masteries with Thunderlords. At least that is what it should be, however its not because no matter how hard Trist and Soraka try to harass, ward and farm it wont work as its like having the mid laner camping bot. Tristana will not be able to farm from constant harass and eventually I gets to the point where Karma is 2/0/1 and Ashe is 1/0/2 with 50 farm at 7 minutes. And to top this all off because of the new pre-season the game snowballs out of control and you cannot win your lane, simply because somebody went bot with a mid lane item. Also supports will have to spend 800 gold on a sightstone and maybe invest in 3 pink wards in the early game and what does the enemy Karma have? Most likely a fiendish codex and Sorcerers shoes. Its fine to build an ap item on supports later on in the game after you get your sightstone support item, trinket and pinks; for instance Morgana needs a zhyonas hourglass for her ult ad armour and Karma might need a Rylais for slow. **Now this isn't a hate Karma section that was just an example but the champions that I tend to see exploit the support role as a way of going full ap are: ** {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:37}} I think a way that we could stop this is to increase the price of the Dark Seal up to 500 gold, sure we might still see them build this way but they will not be able to purchase any health pots at the start. I know this would really badly affect mid lane ap champs (and trust me the amount of gold ap champs have to spend on items is rediculous now) but this item should be a high price, high risk and high reward item; not just an easy way to 25 stacks on mejas. I don't know I just feel it is so hard to go bot lane because of this. Support is there to help the team and help them become stronger, not to carry the team to victory with 1000ap. **Sorry for this long as hell post but I feel it needs to be said and something needs to be done about it.** **Thanks for reading I guess, good luck on the rift! :D**
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