Can someone explain this to me- why triforce vayne is not a thing?

please, do to not throw the rocks. i am just asking and i want to understand it. i do nto understand it, because i do tno play adc myself. so please, do not downvote, or whatever. just tell me why it is not a thing. On paper, Trinity force has everything to suit Vayne. Hella AS, which is a go-to stat for Vayne as much as i understand the chmpion. Sheen effect is guaranteed to be trigggered constantly with spammable Q. CDR and health are just universally good stats. And there is some AD on top of it all. The only thing that is out of place is the phage effect, which Vayne pretty much gets from her passive. So... why don't i see any Vaynes building it? Because i [see her way more than i would like to](
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