The game is in a disastrous state, and riot wants us to play Ryze? Really?

No one wants to play Ryze, the reason he is 95% pick/ban rate is because he's a disaster than needs a complete rework or deletion. Same goes for Fiora, that 2,5 sec Lulu polymorph, the other millions shields, the 6 items ADC doing 3k crits every 0,4 seconds, tanks outscaling all the bruisers of top lane making the game very pick restricted and not fun, towers dying in 2 hits and the list can go on forever. Sometimes I wonder what do the people balancing this game think, do they even play the game? I doubt it. What's next in store? 200% crit, triple crits? You know crit is supposed to be some spicy RNG not 80%-100% guaranteed stat. Didn't even want to make this post, but that Ryze crap really pissed me off.
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