Platinum will get me banned

Just being in this elo will probably eventually get my account banned. The game is easy, it's not particularly that difficult. The hardest thing is trying to stop your team mates from blaming each other and flaming. I've gotten to the point where I'll just run it down mid if they're flaming because to be honest, It's not worth my time. This grows increasingly frustrating with the poor matchmaking in this elo (it's not really riots fault though). Teams are constantly miss matched and when you receive the latter you have around a 10% chance to compensate for how much worse they are than the enemies. Should I int and punish flamers or just mute? I don't really care much for what elo this account is anymore , in fact I would rather be lower where match making is fair and I'll be rewarded for playing well consistently (this would also be the case for diamond+). I love this game but because of my main getting banned which was diamond and trying to get through platinum to get to where I was before is just too much. In all my years of playing this game I've never experienced something so soul destroying and frustrating.

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