Support nerfs

Why Riot? Support has already been the role that earned the least amount of money, and now you're just making it even worse. And no, that 10% more gold doesn't make up for the nerf. There are many times when I need like 60 gold to complete the quest, the adc recalls and I just ping them that I need 60 more gold, so I poke the opponent 3 more times with Frostfang, and I'm good, I can go back and have my wards refilled. But with the current changes, I don't get gold like that at all, and to make up for that with the 10% bonus, I would need 600 gold farmed with the procs from the item, by that point the quest has been completed so it has a way smaller impact. Not even mentioning how many procs can be got off in every single game after the adc backed or died. My example wasn't anything out of ordinary, that happens quite a lot. So from now on I need to beg the adc to stay even if they are low on health just so I can complete the quest, and if they die they're gonna blame me.
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