Why game tries so hard to keep u at 50% winratio?

Why game tries so hard to keep u at 50% winratio? sorry i dont know where to post this, for me its wrong. ranked mmr is okay but normals and aram holy its nightmare, and yes it happens that a challenger play first time aram and he get matched with bronze i get that, no problem, but its been 3-4 years every day almost everygame bronze-challenger all in 1 game, why? the other problem is u must be close to 50% winratio? if im good match me with better players, but no, u start with golds u win, u get matched with plats u win, u get matched with diamonds and silver gold teammate u lost, cause why the hell not? look this game my teammates plats vs 3 masters and a diamond https://i.gyazo.com/baba0d586ba9924c55c7edfa713d21fa.png this game 2 masters 1 diam 1 plat vs 3 unranked 1 gold and me https://gyazo.com/00f15064d6221fb20ec2a23254e1cf10 look this game with 2 challenger mixerd with silvers gold diam plats https://gyazo.com/114695d27f2fb5a7945f698d919f4587 what is this chaos everygame? fun into game? none
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