Nerf Ekko.

I don't even really think Riven is that bad.. but this guy is like the fucking Riven of mid. Tons of dashes, an aoe stun and the most bullshit ult. Also a very strong shield. Fuck this champ. That ult.. last 2 games the ekko player either never died or died twice. Completely negates my ignite and Garen ult and whatever abilities used. So safe in lane and he is great at dueling.. also nerf cass. She's like a Karthus with more dmg and cc and safety. Just read up on his ult stats.. WTF 500 dmg 130% ap ratio and it heals teleports him to safety?? fucking kidding me?? Also wtf its aoe and found out he has a slow on top of the stun. How could this be released...?? I'm gonna play draft pick just to ban this guy and cass. Toxic and broken champs.
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