Gold Income Rune page viable?

Hi, I'll get to the point. I made a Rune page consisting of: Armor Reds Gold-income Yellows Magic resist Blues Gold -income Quints Stats: 12 Magic Resist 8.2 Armor 5.3 Gold per 10 seconds I have tested this Rune page on a number of champions and have found that champions who have an extremely passive early game can reap HUGE reward out of this. I have attached a screenshot of my match history showing me playing Twisted Fate against a Viktor. In it you will see that I had a massive gold lead of 3100 gold. That is an extra item. ( For some reason my file doesn't seem to be uploading so I'm just gonna type out the stats. sorry guys, I really hope the attachment appears but if not I hope this will be enough to picture it): Thank you Enjutsu for reminding me that I can post my match history: copy and paste that, and it will lead you to the page, sorry for my post being a bit messy now. 33:50 minute game Twisted Fate (me): 10/8/2 194 Minions 15.1 k Gold Viktor (enemy mid): 8/7/6 199 Minions 12 k Gold As you can see, I had 2 more kills which are more or less canceled out by the fact that he had 4 more assists. He also had 5 more farm so basically he should we're more or less even in Gold. Now I know I'm TF so i also factored in 1000 g from turrets, 200 g form Baron and 500 g for my passive (I think it was a bit less than that but to prove my point I'm guessing a bit higher). So in all, 3100 - 1700 = 1400 which means my runes gave me roughly 1400 EXTRA gold which is pretty awesome when you think about it. Imagine getting your sheen on TF about 5-10 minutes earlier. Now calm down, don't tell me that I'lll have a crappy early game cause I only have utility. Also I want to point out that I'm not using these in ranked under any circumstances and I definitely don't think it would work unless I get a LOT of practice on a single champion with those runes especially since there are so many things that can screw up my early game (such as getting counter picked / getting ganked / getting out-poked etc.), especially since people tend to play their best champions / roles in ranked it would be a lot more difficult to out play them and get to the point ( around 20 mins or so ) where the extra gold begins to make a difference I understand that these runes are only viable on EXTREMELY SAFE champ such as TF, where they can just spend the first 20 minutes of the game sitting behind their castor minions and gathering their gold so that at 21 minutes your an item ahead of your opponent and u get the advantage. Overall I'm going to keep testing this method on different champions to see which ones work the best and I would appreciate it if you could post your thoughts / ideas on how to improve it, such as weird OP champions to use it on / comments. Thanks for reading and I hope you can have a bit of fun with this. Edit: Hey guys, after having some ideas about this, I made a new article about a new Team Composition which may/may not be viable with this rune page. There are several ups and downs and I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Here is the link:
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