Hyena WW doesn't have ""anything"" different from normal WW

When I bought Hyena WW (in season 3 or 4), the skin was the unique WW skin which had a different "boost", a more spectacular 4 paw boost. Well, now, with the rework, I've seen that all WW skins have the "same" boost, but Hyena WW has a more slow one, which is less spectacular than the Classic WW. So, now, the "unique" different thing is the laugh (and the old one was more crazy and funny). I think the ultimate (R) boost should be changed (a new old-like ape running, for example) or, at least, "accelerated". I would be great if the Hyena have higher and faster jumps or add smoke or fire to the motor. In my opinion, if the ultimate (R) boost is not changed, the skin should have a less price (I don't say this only for me, because I already have the skin, but I think that's a bit unfair). I'm sorry for my bad english (is not my main language), but I hope you understand my opinion. Have a nice day.
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