So I read you plan to nerf Soraka....

And I just can´t unterstand the need to.{{summoner:3}} Thought she was fine. Sources : 5.23 Patch notes Surrender at 20 - Current PBE Changes Edit: So all the fuss about her ult removing grievous wounds. Which can be casted every 10 seconds and pre 6? Not really. But i get the point. Still when lowering the casting range of her Q which is the same as Karmas which is in my eyes really good for a poke/ heal support then why keep her E the same? I mean people will still complain about Raka out healing them and pokin them and silencing them. Edit 2 : Summarize : Riot removes mana pots, gutting half of mana based champions. Riot introduces masteries that made some champions brokenly op and gutted others. Riot reworks Grievous wounds to only affect self-heal cause it was weird on Soraka. Riot gives minor mana buffs to (some) champions with mana, which are still way not sufficent. Soraka gets nerfs to her Q Range, her W mana cost goes up (cause compensation buff for mana reg was to high?!?) and her Ult can no longer remove Grievous Wounds. Well played Riot. Half of the nerfs ain´t even appropriate. I demand compensation. Until that im gonna play karma who has still 950 range and poke all bot laners from safe range or Bard cause he will get buffs.
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